FDL City Council Accepts Transfer Of Hwy 45

The Fond du Lac City Council Wednesday evening approved
accepting the jurisdictional transfer of a section of Highway 45 in the City
from the state’s Department of Transportation. The stretch is from Highway 151
on the south, north to Johnson Street or State Highway 23. In return the City
will receive $14.3 million from the state over the next 11 years. Councilman
Brian Kolstad asked Public Works Director Jordan Skiff if it would still be to
the City’s advantage over the next 100 years. Skiff says the City would have
flexibility on when it scheduled the street projects for that stretch and would
save 20 to 30 percent on the costs as a local project. 
Skiff says the disadvantage is that the City would lose
state funding for keeping up those streets that are part of Highway 45. But
Skiff says the City would still have the option of applying for funding under
the state’s Surface Transportation Project funding for what are considered
collector or arterial streets. 
The Council approved the transfer by a
unanimous vote.