FDL City Council Approves 2016 City Budget

The Fond du Lac City Council Wednesday evening unanimously passed the 2016 City Budget and tax levy. The tax levy will increase by 4.6 percent or a little over $1 million. The mill rate is $9.16 or 22 cents more than 2015. There was little discussion over the budget although City Manager Joe Moore mentioned that after six years on the Council it was Gary Miller’s last budget. He says during that six years the City’s debt has decreased by $30 million and staff expenditures have been trimmed by $3 million. He says there are also a few particular items that no longer merit as much discussion during the budget process. Namely those are the Taylor Park Pool, Recreation Department, and Senior Center. Miller says City staff does a great job of working with the Council on the budget. City Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan says she appreciates how the budget deliberation process has been whittled down over the years from long night over several days to a more concise format. 

Pictured: Gary Miller.