FDL City Council Approves Development Agreement With Mid-States Aluminum Corporation

The Fond du Lac City Council this week approved a development agreement with Mid-States Aluminum Corporation, which will allow the company to do an expansion. Community Development Director Dyann Benson says the expansion will be done in two phases. The first would be a 37,000 square foot building addition for a new extrusion press line and the second would be for a 98,000 square foot addition for a new Anodizing line.The City will create Tax Incremental District #23 which would help fund the project. Under the first phase Mid-States would receive $325,000 and the second phase another $250,000 through the additional taxes generated by the expansion projects. The expansion projects would create an additional 36 jobs over the next four years. Benson says more importantly it will allow Mid-States to stay competitive. The resolution for the development agreement was passed unanimously.