FDL City Council Approves Participation In North Main Street Project

The Fond du Lac City Council Wednesday night unanimously approved an agreement with the state to improve a section of North Main Street in 2020. Public Works Director Jordan Skiff told the Council that normally the state won’t do the design for a project until they have an agreement in place with a city first. The $2.7 million project will reconstruct North Main from Merrill Avenue to Johnson Street. The City’s share of the cost for the project would be $76,400. Councilman Gary Miller asked if the state planned on doing a roundabout at Merrill and Main. Skiff said that could be part of the project, but it’s something the state will have to make a decision about. Miller said he would encourage putting a roundabout there. Skiff said that would probably include some right-of-way acquisition and the state is very good about working with businesses on that. Photo of FDL City Council courtesy Fire Chief Peter O’Leary.