FDL City Council Approves Purchase Of Property Next To Library

The Fond du Lac City Council last night approved the purchase of the property at 52 Sheboygan Street for an expansion project at the library. Former City Council member Bill Turner urged the Council not to buy the building saying it is totally gutted on the inside and the Council shouldn’t being paying the appraised value. City resident Brian Kolstad says you have to look beyond the purchase price, which will facilitate three major projects for the library. Community Development Director Dyann Benson broke down the cost of the project, which includes $125,000 for the purchase, $80,000 for improvements needed to the building, $15,000 for Information Technology infrastructure to link up with the library, and $50,000 for moving, interior furnishings and other costs. She says a community development block grant from the state of $80,000 will help with costs. City Manager Joe Moore says they are buying the property from Commonwealth Development and Commonwealth will make the building ready for the City’s use. He says essentially it will be a turn key operation. Council President Sam Meyer abstained from voting because he has a possible business transaction with Commonwealth in the works.