FDL City Council Approves Use Of Midway For Walleye Weekend

With a 5 to 1 vote Wednesday night the Fond du Lac City Council approved a resolution allowing Fond du Lac Festivals to bring a Midway to Lakeside Park for Walleye Weekend. Not everyone is happy with the prospect of allowing someone other than a non-profit or vendor contracting with the City to provide rides, games and food trailers in the park. Joan Pinch of the Fond du Lac Noon Kiwanis said her club and the Evening Kiwanis don’t want something to jeopardize their ability to raise funds at their food booths. The vendor that provides rides in the park showed up as the Council was adjourning and was upset he wasn’t notified about the meeting or proposal. He met afterwards with Public Works Director Jordan Skiff and Park and Forestry Superintendent John Redmond. Councilwoman Catherine Block, who also sits on the Advisory Park Board, feels the Midway will be something that will appeal to tweens that might not find booths and activites for the festival appealing. Fond du Lac Festivals Executive Director Leanne Doyle (pictured) says they do need to find a way of brining revenue to the festival to keep the festival going. The Midway is being tried this year to see if it will work.