FDL City Council Candidate Profile – Alicia Hans

The spring election is now almost a week away, and voters around the area will be heading to the polls to cast their ballots on a number of different races. In the City of Fond du Lac, six candidates are running for three spots on the City Council. One of the six is Alicia Hans – who is running for her first term on the council. Hans works as a School-Based Mental Health Clinician and says she has a passion for promoting mental wellness and decreasing the stigma around getting support for mental illness. She says mental wellness is one of the keys to a thriving community. “Mental health is significantly correlated to economic productivity and growth,” Hans said. “When people are healthy – people are their best selves, they’re working hard, they’re engaged in the community, and their children grow up to be healthy as well. I just really want to have an impact on making this city a great place for all of us to live.”

Along with continuing to make Fond du Lac a healthy community, Hans says she prioritizes making the city and attractive place for people to move to. “We get people here to visit, they see our city, what makes them want to stay or come back?,” she said. “I’d like to see more residential development in the city, i’d like to see improvements in our neighborhoods – and really creating an image that Fond du Lac is a safe, attractive place to live.” Hans adds that its important for the city to consider how to attract and maintain young working families to town. She says that includes making them feel welcome, giving their kids a great place to go to school and creating safe neighborhoods for them to live in.

Hans identifies Accountability, Compassion, Integrity and Teamwork as core values, and wants to use those values during her time on the council. “I was always taught that honesty is the best policy, and I think in local government, where politics have gone awry, is not being transparent with constituents, not listening to residents in the city, and really not advocating for the residents.” she said. Hans adds that increasing the council’s transparency is important. “I think it’s important for city residents to understand and be aware of the discussions that are happening at council meetings, the projects that are presented in the city, and I want to work on increasing engagement and awareness as well as participation from community members,” she said.

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