FDL City Council Delays Vote On Bicycles On Sidewalks

The Fond du Lac City Council delayed a vote last
night on amending an ordinance that prohibits the use of bicycles on sidewalks.
That vote will now take place at the Council’s March 12th meeting so the public
will have more time to weigh in on how they feel about the change. Several
Council members felt they and the public had the wrong idea, that it was only
lifting the prohibition for bicycling on downtown sidewalks when in fact it was
lifting the prohibition for bicycles on all City sidewalks. Council President
Sam Meyer said he hadn’t made his mind up, but did feel there had to be more
public outreach. Police Chief Bill Lamb said there was a feeling that the
community had outgrown the ordinance, but if bicycle use was allowed on
sidewalks it would have to be in a careful and prudent manner. City Manager Joe
Moore noted there are 20 schools with bike racks around the City and several
Council members mentioned downtown bike racks. The Council also received a
letter from Red Mullenbach the owner of Central Barber who urged them to keep
the ordinance as is. Photo courtesy Fond du lac Fire Chief Peter O’Leary.