FDL City Council Discusses Downtown Parking Concerns

The Fond du Lac City Council Wednesday night discussed
downtown parking issues. Tom Deitte the President of the Downtown
Partnerships Board of Directors says one of the biggest issues has to do with
business employees parking in spaces that should be available to customers. 
City Manager Joe Moore suggested the DFP undertake putting
an agreement together for members of the Business Improvement District in which
those members would agree to prevent their employees from taking up those
parking spaces. Moore also says parking enforcement is a problem because they
have a vacancy for the one position assigned to that. He says community service
officers with the police department have taken up the slack on enforcement when
they are available. 
City Councilwoman Catherine Block suggested a system
usings clings similar to state park stickers for cars where people would pay a
fee and would be able to park downtown without paying for metered parking or
permit parking. Moore recommended giving some of the suggestions made about
parking issues to the Downtown Exploratory Committee to consider, but not too
many because the DEC already has a lot to do. 
Another suggestion was to shorten the
length of time available on metered parking.