FDL City Council Favors Pedal Pub Ordinance

The Fond du Lac City Council is leaning towards permitting the use of pedal pubs in the City. The Council discussed a possible ordinance that would put some restrictions on where the quadricycles could be used. The pedal pubs are a multi-person bicycle that holds up to 12 riders with a driver who steers. Under a new state law passengers would be able to consume up to 36 fluid ounces of alcohol during a drive. Council woman Catherine Block says she’s seen them elsewhere and favors there use in the City, but with restrictions including use in residential neighborhoods. City Attorney Deb Hoffman clarified for Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan that the new state law is an exception to the open intoxicants law for public streets. City Manager Joe Moore informed the Council that the quadricycles cost tens of thousands of dollars so they wanted to put together some type of ordinance before someone invested that kind of money in one. City staff will put together the draft of an ordinance to bring back to the City Council for action or referral to an appropriate committee.