FDL City Council Gets 2018 Budget Preview

The Fond du Lac City Council got a preview of the 2018 City Budget this week. City Manager Joe Moore says they are looking at a projected budget of $32.9 million. He says that’s too much and City staff will be working on reducing that before the City Council makes it final. He says they want to trim about $500,000 from the proposed budget. Moore says the total tax levy would be $26.3 million or a 5.5 percent increase in the levy. He says they would like to reduce that to a 5.2 percent levy increase. He says they will also be making significant cuts in the capital improvements plan so they can reduce their general obligation debt to acceptable levels. He says over the summer they will work to extract $1.3 million from the CIP for 2018. Moore says the biggest factors in the budget increase were about an $800,000 increase in debt and $500,000 in new net construction. There will be a public hearing on the proposed budget on October 25th and the Council will consider approving the budget at their November 8th meeting.