FDL City Council Leaves Ethics Board Residency Requirement As Is

The Fond du Lac City Council didn’t have to amend a City ordinance to eliminate a residency requirement for an attorney to serve on City’s Ethics Board after all. Councilwoman Catherine Block told the Council Wednesday night they found an attorney who would serve on the Council that is a member of the Fond du Lac County Bar and lives in the City. She says he could serve up to two consecutive terms or 6 years. Councilman Gary Miller had spoken to some attorneys he knew about serving on the board. City Attorney Deb Hoffmann said while she appreciates the gesture it could represent a conflict of interest should the board become involved in an issue involving Councilman Miller’s conduct or actions. Miller said the board would still have three members who would be able to resolve any potential issues if a conflict arose. The Council left the ordinance unchanged.