FDL City Council Passes Less Restrictive Food Truck Ordinance

Food trucks will now be able to operate in Fond du
Lac with a little more freedom. The City Council Wednesday night amended an
ordinance, which although still restrictive will allow food trucks to operate in
other parts of the community. City Manager Joe Moore says the previous ordinance
was too restrictive limiting food trucks to operating in the downtown and within
100 feet of the restaurant that sponsored them. He says it was like putting a
thread through the eye of a needle hard to operate a food truck in the City.
Moore also wanted to protect the non-profit
groups that benefitted from concession sales like the musical concerts at
Buttermilk Creek Park during the summer. He says they are very dependent on
their concessions and the City should support them by not putting a competitor
near them. 
The trucks will be allowed in City parks, but
not Lakeside Park while concessions are operating in it. But the Council left
the door for that to change when the current concession contract is up. A food
truck has been operating in the City, but it’s been operating on private