FDL City Council Postpones Vote On Pedal Pubs

The Fond du Lac City Council Wednesday night
delayed voting on an ordinance regarding the use of pedal pubs in the City.
Under state law they are allowed, but municipalities can pass local ordinances
prohibiting them or putting restrictions on them. Several members of the
audience spoke out against pedal pubs saying it promotes the culture of binge
drinking. Police Chief Bill Lamb agreed that the binge drinking rate in the
state and particularly in Fond du Lac County is higher than elsewhere in the
nation. He says nationally the rate is 17 percent, 23 percent in Wisconsin and
42 percent in Fond du Lac County, which he says is alarming. 
Councilwoman Karyn Merkel says she’d like to see
pedal pubs in Fond du Lac and people allowed to drink while on them. She says if
they are not allowed the City would be limiting a good revenue income from the
She says the City wouldn’t be promoting
binge drinking that it’s the responsibility of the individual that is doing the
drinking. City Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan says she has mixed feeling
about pedal pubs. She says she doesn’t want to see the pedal pubs allowing
drinking on the bicycle and going bar to bar.
The matter will come back to the Council in two weeks
with several suggestions Council members made.