FDL City Council Schedules Two Sessions To Discuss LPMP

It was almost a week ago the Fond du Lac City Council again discussed the Lakeside Master Plan, and a proposed binding agreement presented by Council Member Arletta Allen. After almost 3.5 hours of conversation, the night ended about the same way it started. Council Member Ben Giles suggested Council reconvene in Closed Session in order to come to a positive conclusion regarding the agreement and move forward with the proposed Master Plan.

Now, Council is set to get together the next two nights to again discuss the Lakeside Park Enhancement Agreement. The original agreement was altered slightly by City Manager Joe Moore, who was looking to create something more palatable to digest for all sides, but no decision was made in the meeting. Council takes up the matter Wednesday and Thursday night at 6:45 p.m. in the Legislative Chambers of the City County Government Building.