FDL City Council to Continue Discussions on Possible Trick-or-Treating Change

The Fond du Lac City Council
discussed the possibility of changing the city’s Trick-or-Treating date at
their meeting Wednesday night. The current resolution has Trick-or-Treating
hours in the city being held from 3:30 to 5:30 pm on the Sunday before
Halloween when the holiday falls on a weekday and on the day of Halloween when
it falls on a Saturday or Sunday. The proposal would permanently move the
trick-or-treating date to the last Saturday in October while keeping the hours
the same.

None of the council members
who spoke on the topic during Wednesday’s meeting opposed the idea of moving
the date, but wanted to continue discussion to see how people around the community
may react to the proposal and to avoid any conflicts with other
Halloween-related events in the city. City Manager Joe Moore also requested the
idea be sent to parents who have kids in local public or private schools to get
their opinion.