FDL City Council to Continue Lakeside Park Pavilion Discussions

The Fond du Lac City Council resumed discussions about the proposed changes to the Lakeside Park Pavilion during a special meeting this week. The council was first presented the plans in February, but with new members joining the council in the April election, City Manager Joe Moore opted to hold off on further discussions on the pavilion until the new members were sworn in. Moore says the meeting Wednesday was used to introduce the project to the new members and start to try to answer the question of ‘why do we want to build a pavilion?’ “The City Council members exchanged some ideas about what they thought that pavilion, what kind of value that ought to bring,” Moore said. “Of course that will guide the design, but we’ve done some work with the architect, Angus Young, to develop a couple more options to see if there’s some traction there.” Moore adds that it’s good to have conversations about the design now, in the planning stages, as opposed to looking back after everything is built and wishing something different had been done.


The council will continue their discussions on the pavilion at their next meeting on the 22nd. The current plans call for demolishing the current structure and building the new one on the current site. That construction would begin after Walleye Weekend in 2020, with the new structure built by June of 2021.