FDL City Council To Hold Special Closed Session, Will Discuss Potential LSF Litigation/Settlement

Fond du Lac City Council is set to meet this Wednesday for their regularly scheduled meeting. Prior to that meeting, Council will hold a special meeting to confer with legal counsel, regarding the potential lawsuit that may be filed after Council terminated the Lakeside Park Enhancement Agreement.

The agenda for the special meeting states the “subject of the special closed session meeting is to discuss the possible litigation or settlement arising from the termination of the agreement.”

Council voted May 12, 2021 to terminate the Lakeside Park Enhancement Agreement, which would have included a restaurant/multi-purpose building constructed on Lighthouse Peninsula, among other specified improvements to the park.

Lakeside Forward, a donor group made up of a number of prominent local businesses in Fond du Lac, had committed nearly $6 million to assist in funding the project. The group has stated that product for the building had already been ordered, in anticipation of construction that would have begun in the very near future.

The agreement was terminated based on a 4-3 vote of Council, with President Kay Miller, Tiffany Brault, Keith Heisler, and Patrick Mullen voting in the majority. Brault, Heisler and Mullen had been opposed to the Agreement, and more specifically, to the location of the proposed restaurant/multi-purpose building, and had made that the focus of their Council campaign prior to the most recent April election.

The Special Closed Session meeting is set for 5 p.m. Wednesday.