FDL City Council Updated On Budget

It looks like Fond du Lac City staff has the 2014 City Budget well in hand. City Manager Joe Moore gave the City Council an update on the budget this week. He says the tough decisions were made last year laying the groundwork for the coming years. He says there will be no major changes in service levels and there are no proposed fee increases. Moore says they will be hiring fewer seasonal employees for the public works department this summer which will mean delays in brush clearing and other landscaping work. However he says there will be a reduction of an estimated $117,000 in personal service costs. He also says the City will use $600,000 of general fund balance to fund the budget or about half of what was originally proposed. Moore says they aren’t done working on the budget, it’s an ongoing process. Moore says he is asking they spend $30,000 to augment Wifi downtown similar to what they did in Lakeside Park this year to make it more convenient for residents and visitors to access the internet.