FDL City Council Updated On Emerald Ash Borer Battle

Fond du Lac Public Works Director Jordan Skiff gave the
City Council an update Wednesday night on the battle against the Emerald Ash
Borer. He says since it was first found on the outskirts of the City in December
of 2013 it has now spread throughout the City, but not in great concentrations. 
He says by their estimates it has infected 78 private
trees and 59 public trees. In the last two years the City has done preemptive
treatment on 443 ash trees and plans to do 200 to 250 more this year.
Ninety-eight private trees have been treated. Skiff says they plan to treat more
trees and would love to partner with anyone who would like to have their private
trees treated. 
Skiff notes the City has also removed 800 ash trees in the
last two years, but they are trying to spread out the removals. He says he and
City Arborist Brian Weed attended an Arborist conference and Fond du Lac is the
envy of many communities who didn’t invest in preemptive removal and treatment
of ash trees. 
Anyone who would like to find out more
about getting their ash trees treated can contact Brian Weed by calling