FDL City Council Votes to Pause Lakeside Park Pavilion Planning, Design Work until February

The Fond du Lac City Council voted 5-2 at its meeting Wednesday
night to pause design work on the new Lakeside Park Pavilion, in order for
alternative options to the plan to be considered.

The current design plans carry a price tag of $3.2 million dollars, with the new structure to be built on a similar footprint to
where the existing pavilion stands. “There’s been enough design work done where
people could look at the design of the new pavilion and see what it’s going to
look like inside and out,” City Manager Joe Moore explains. However, he says “There
have been some concerns voiced about whether or not that it’s ‘attractive’
enough to people around the region, and whether or not that would spur
utilization of Lakeside Park.”

The resolution approved by the council Wednesday night
puts design and planning work on hold until February 15th of 2020. Moore
explains that the three-month pause will allow any alternative plans for the
pavilion to be developed and presented to the council. Moore tells us there
have been some indications of potential private donations and/or partnerships
that could change the scope of the project. The project would resume as
scheduled after February 15th if any alternative plans are not
approved by the council.

Council President Brian Kolstad and Councilmember Kay Miller voted against the resolution.