FDL City Council Will Allow Pick N Save Online Liquor Orders Pickup

By the slimmest of margins the Fond du Lac City Council approved an expansion of premise for the West Johnson Street Pick ‘n Save’s liquor license Wednesday night. The Council voted 4 to 3 to allow a parking lot for on-line orders of groceries and liquor. City Council members Brian Kolstad, Kay Miller, and Greg Giles voted against the expansion. Giles feared that while Pick ‘n Save will be responsible about the liquor sales it opens the doors for smaller stores that might not be as cautious about their sales. A Kroger spokesman, Dan Farrell (pictured), told the Council they have had success in other cities with this type of purchase. The majority of the people they have seen using that service has been mothers or fathers with kids who don’t want to leave the vehicle, the elderly, and the handicapped for who this is a major convenience. There are conditions on the expansion of the license including a four hour waiting period between online ordering and pick up.