FDL City Council Works On Budget

The Fond du Lac City Council only made one change Wednesday night to the 2018 City Budget and 5-year Capital Improvements Plan. Plans for a bridge between Lakeside Park and Lakeside Park West were removed from the CIP. It carried a $1.3 million price tag, which Councilwoman Lee Ann Lorrigan felt was too much. That motion was approved by a 5 to 2 vote with Council members Catherine Block and Brian Kolstad voting against it. Councilman Derek TerBeest complimented the City staff on bringing down costs for the Public Safety Training Center, which will still be about $3.9 million. But the cost for land for the center was significantly reduced from last year’s attempt to purchase. City Manager Joe Moore also informed the Council that a refinancing resolution they passed last week will lower the City tax levy in 2018 by $185,000 consequently lowering the estimated tax rate to $9.65 instead of the previous estimate of $9.72.