FDL City Councilman Concerned About Financial Checks And Balances

Working on his last Fond du Lac City Budget, Councilman Gary Miller posed some interesting questions during an annual audit report on City finances. Miller wanted to know if the checks and balances the City uses would catch anyone, as he put it, trying to pull the “financial wool” over our eyes. Miller in particular was asking whether something like the MIS scandal of a few years ago could happen again. City Manager Joe Moore says the City has honest employees, but it would be difficult to say whether a violation has occurred or will. Department of Public Works Director Jordan Skiff is confident if anything dishonest were occurring it would be caught. He says there are so many educated and honest people working for the City that would catch a mistake or something dishonest. City Director of Administration Hal Wortman said those involved in the former Management Information System department thefts were caught and criminally prosecuted. Wortman says they deliberately worked together to circumvent the City’s control systems.