FDL City Councilman Objects To Parks Board Appointments

Fond du Lac City Councilman Gary Miller believes appointing two previous Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee members to the City’s Advisory Park Board is a conflict of interest. He said as much when Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan asked him what his objection was last night to the appointing of Deborah Doll and Douglas Teletzke. He said they come to the board with a list of 27 possible issues. But Councilwoman Catherine Block doesn’t believe the two would want to join the park board simply to push for the 27 recommendations the board made to the City Council about future use of the park. She says being a member on a prior committee shouldn’t exclude you from being on another board. Councilman Greg Giles says anyone can bring an agenda to a board or committee, but he’d rather have some knowledge about what someone seeking an appointment has previously accomplished for the City. The Council approved the appointments by a 6 to 1 vote. Pictured from left to right Fond du Lac City Councilmen Greg Giles, Brian Kolstad, and Gary Miller.