FDL City Councilman Sounds Off On Drug Dealers

Fond du Lac City Councilman Rob Vande Zande sounded off at the end of the Council’s meeting Wednesday night about a drug deal that went down the previous night in front of his home. He said he didn’t want his family including his 16-year-old son being exposed that. He called 911 and urges other residents who see that type of activity to call police as well. During the meeting Vande Zande called the drug dealers “hoodlums” and “degenerates.” He says people shouldn’t have to put up with “crap like this.” He says he’s tired of it and when it hits this close to home he has to say something. Vande Zande mentioned the progress police have made in arresting more than 120 people for dealing drugs in the past year. In this particular case the dealers were gone when police arrived.