FDL City/County Government Center Security Checkpoint Getting Closer to Launch

The new security checkpoint at the Fond du Lac City-County
Government Center is getting closer to being fully operational. Fond du Lac
County Sheriff’s Captain Bill Tadych says they’re making “great strides” in getting
the checkpoint set up and ready for use. “Right now, we’ve got our X-Ray
Machine, our walk-through metal detector, the construction area for that
screening station has been done – there’s an office area that’s off of that –
we’ve got our monitors in place, and the security firm that we’re working with,
they should be here shortly to get all that infrastructure in place,” Tadych

When the checkpoint becomes fully operational, the north entrance
to the building will become the only public entrance and exit point to the government
center. The public will be asked to place any bags through the x-ray machine
and walk through the metal detector before being allowed to enter. People who
work at the City/County building will soon have their own employee entrance(s) and
will scan-in via a key card or ID. Tadych says they are hoping to have the
checkpoint up and running as soon as possible, but adds there are a lot of
different vendors and construction firms they are working with and different things
like signage that they need to finalize before moving forward. “It’s been a
great experience, but we’re ready for it to occur,” he said.