FDL City Ethics Board Meets Friday, Review Proposed Changes To Ethics Code

It’s been a busy 13 months for the City of Fond du Lac Ethics Board.

The Board has met over 13 times in that period, dealing mainly with complaints surrounding council members involved with the Lakeside Park project.

That could change as the Board will meet Friday to hear public comment and discuss changes to to the current City Ethics code being proposed by City Attorney Deb Hoffmann.

In a memo sent to Ethics Board members, Hoffmann said she is looking to “add language that would strengthen the purpose of the Ethics Code and adopts the current State of Wisconsin Ethics Code.”

If approved, the new changes would also limit who can file complaints to resident taxpayers of the City of Fond du Lac, and that all complaints would be routed through the City Attorney’s office, who would then decide if the complaints are valid or not, before they would be presented to the Ethics Board.

One other proposed change would add a clear path for holding hearings on Ethics violations in front of the Municipal or Circuit Courts.