FDL City Manager Joe Moore Earns High Marks

The City of FDL is in good hands, from a leadership standpoint. That’s the consensus from the City Council, as they have completed the annual City Manager’s performance review. 

City Council used a rating scale from one to five to measure 15 different elements of performance and leadership; one being poor and five being outstanding. City Manager Joe Moore’s average rating was 4.52 on a 1 to 5 scale. According to notes from the City Council, they appreciate Moore’s skilled management of the budget process and his dependable and professional demeanor. 

Council President Kolstad says the ability to consolidate all of the various ideas and statements made by 7 Council members and turn it into a concise summary, is something he admires. Kolstad said Moore has earned high marks from City Council and  congratulates him on a job well done!