FDL City Manager on Highway 23 Project

Highway 23 expansion project is officially underway – and while the project won’t
reach us in Fond du Lac County until next year, we’re still hearing reaction to
the start of the long-awaited project from local leaders. Fond du Lac City
Manager Joe Moore says it will be great to have a four-lane highway between the
two communities. “Even in good weather, it can be pretty dangerous out there
when you’re trying to pass cars where there’s no passing lane,” Moore said. “Sometimes
you have farm equipment that needs to be on the highway, you’ve got all sorts
of traffic out there, and its heavily traveled anyway.” Moore adds that the
upgrades planned for the intersection with County Highway K on the east side of
Fond du Lac as part of the expansion project will make for a “much better
situation” for traffic in that area. Those upgrades are included in the final
phase of the project that will begin in 2021.