FDL County Among Healthiest Companies In America

For the seventh consecutive year, Fond du Lac County has been named as one of the “Healthiest Companies in America” by Interactive Health. Interactive Health is the county’s health risk assessment administrator. County Director of Administration Erin Gerred says it involves blood draws of employees and their spouses and is quite an extensive panel of tests that they run on the blood draws to gauge health. She says, “Things like cholesterol level, A1C, fasting glucose all of that information. In addition too they do on-site blood pressure checks at the very same time the health risk assessment is performed.” In 2017, 69 percent of employees and spouses achieved a low-risk health score, which earned Fond du Lac County the “Healthiest Companies in America” designation. Gerred says, “So we have some pretty darn healthy employees who are really paying attention to their health and if they do have conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes they are doing a good job managing those conditions.” The County is one of 184 companies across the country being recognized with the “Healthiest Companies in America” designation.