FDL County Among Healthiest Companies In America

For the fourth consecutive year Interactive Health has honored Fond du Lac County with its Healthiest Companies in American Award. Scott Douglas, an account director at Interactive, presented County officials with the award for 2014 at the County Board meeting this week. He says that Interactive has partnered with the County since 2008 and the County has gone above and beyond their recommendations. He says they look at five factors as part of the criteria for the award; smoking, LDL cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure and triglycerides. In addition 70 percent or more of employees have to participate in the program. Douglas says in addition to having an impact on employees’ health it also has a positive impact on keeping insurance premiums costs down. He says only about 10 percent of the 1,500 companies they work with qualify for the award. Fond du Lac County photo.