FDL County And Town Of Eldorado Battle Sex Offender Placement

Fond du Lac County and the Town of Eldorado are once again fighting placement of a violent sex offender at a residence on Nitschke Road. A Marinette County judge ordered the temporary placement of 54-year-old Jeffrey Butler at that residence starting next Monday. Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink says the judge did that despite the violent sex offender statute requirements and a new law requiring placement of such offenders in the county they were convicted in. Fink says of the judge, “He’s off the rails on this he’s flying by the seat of the pants. Did not follow the old 980 nor did he follow the new law that Scott Walker signed on the 30th.” Fink points out Butler committed his crimes in Marinette County and his victims were young boys. He says when they were assessing the Nitschke Road residence last October for a violent sex offender Washington County was trying to place there they discovered young boys were living nearby. Fink says, “Now when you look back on when we did do a canvass on the road in regards to the Washington County dust up when they tried to send us Olson over here you can see that there are young boys 8, 3, and 5 that live within the area.” Fink took a petition to Marinette County Tuesday asking that judge to reconsider his decision. He says the only other option is to ask a Fond du Lac County judge for a temporary injunction halting placement of Butler at the Nitschke Road residence.