FDL County And Town Of Eldorado Fight Sex Offender Placement

The Town of Eldorado has filed a temporary restraining order to prevent placement of a violent sex offender at a residence on Nitschke Road. A Washington County judge granted placement of 61-year-old Terry Olson in the residence without having all the information. Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink says his detectives did an investigation of whether placement in that residence was appropriate and recommended against it, but those trying to place Olson in the township told Judge Andrew Gonring a different story. He says they told the judge the Sheriff knew about the placement and the Township could read about it on CCAP. Fink says this is different than a similar struggle last year when a Milwaukee County judged decided against the placement of sex offender Clint Rhymes in the same residence. He says in that case they had time to fight it, but this time a motion for reconsideration won’t be heard until Thursday, the same day Olson is supposed to be placed at N8578 Nitschke Road. He says Olson sexually assaulted more than 30 young children and still has that desire. A meeting was held at the Town of Eldorado Hall Monday night to inform residents about the placement. Fink is urging residents to call Judge Gonring to express their opposition to the placement. His number is (262) 335-4351. 

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