FDL County Board Approves Increase In County Executive Pay

The Fond du Lac County Board Tuesday night approved pay increases for the County Executive’s position for the next four years. County Supervisor Dennis Stenz proposed delaying the vote until next month, but that motion was defeated by an 18 to 6 vote against it. County Supervisor Marty Ryan equated the position to a CEO of a large private business operation. He says the County Executive should be paid at that level. But County Supervisor Tom Dornbrook said the County Executive shouldn’t be getting a 1 percent increase in pay unless other County employees are too. The Board approved the pay increase by a 20 to 4 vote. Whoever is elected County Executive next April will get a 1 percent increase in pay each of the first two years, and a 1 ½ percent increase in pay for the final two years of the four year term. The County Executive pay begins at nearly $109,000 next April with a final increase to just over $113,000 in April of 2020.