FDL County Board Approves Loan For Hotel Retlaw Project

The Fond du Lac County Board approved two resolutions Tuesday night that will allow the Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation to administer a $1.15 million loan to the owners of the Hotel Retlaw. FCEDC President Steve Jenkins told County Supervisors he has worked with Dennis Doucette and Steven Frantz for the better part of two years on the project. He says they have a solid plan for the $25 million project. He says it will have an economic impact throughout the County. Doucette says they will be creating 140 full time jobs and have an annual payroll of $3 million. Frantz says he plans to make sure they have commitments to stay at the hotel long before they open for business. He says they will have 7,000 to 10,000 room nights and a couple dozen events booked before they open the doors. The City is also expected to provide up to $2.3 million in tax credits to the project through tax incremental financing. Doucette says they hope to start construction in April and be open by November.

Pictured left to right Steve Jenkins, Dennis Doucette, Steven Frantz.