FDL County Board Approves Start For New County Highway Garage In FDL

The Fond du Lac County Board unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday night to proceed with the design, bidding and construction of a new County Highway garage in Fond du Lac. Originally the County was going to design it next year with construction starting in 2019 and completion in 2020, but County Executive Al Buechel told County supervisors they are moving up the timeline for the project. Design work will start this year, with construction beginning next year and completion in 2019. He says the reason is Foxconn coming to Wisconsin and the demands construction of the company’s facility will put on contractors and construction firms, and the resulting hike in building materials. The estimated cost of the new County Highway garage is $22 million, which depends on whether the facility will include space for Sheriff’s impound vehicles, Parks maintenance vehicles and Senior Services parking.