FDL County Board Member Resigns Abruptly, Board Chair Looking To Fill Open Seat

Fond du Lac County Board Chair, Martin Farrell, has announced that he is accepting applications for a member to serve on the Fond du Lac County Board of Supervisors representing District 25.

The district includes Wards 5 and 6 in the City of Fond du Lac and Ward 4 of the Town of Fond du Lac.  A map of the district may be accessed here: https://fdlco.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=c682ddf5cbdd4cd59d69848c32f2bd52

The appointment will fill the unexpired term of Monica Walk, who announced her resignation effective October 12, 2021.  The current term expires on April 19, 2022.  Walk stated she was resigning immediately due to health issues.

The resignation letter that was sent to Board Chair Farrell stated:

Chairman Farrell:

I am resigning from the Fond du Lac County Board effective immediately due to health issues.

While County Board leadership has approved Supervisors’ ability to attend Committee meetings via virtual platform attendance, it has not supported the same virtual platform attendance for monthly County Board meetings.

Therefore, like many other Supervisors, I have been able to do deeply detailed and thoughtful Committee work via virtual online attendance for the Human Services Committee and the related Social Services Board, which includes frequent and recurring conversation with multiple county employees, community members, and other Supervisors. I and other Supervisors do not have the same attendance access to the full County Board meetings since the emergency rule of 2020 ended and virtual attendance was rescinded. 

I cannot in good conscience complete only half of the duties assigned to my elected position. Therefore, I resign my position as Supervisor of District 25.

In humble service to our community,

Monica M. Walk

Oct. 12, 2021

Minimum requirements for the position are U.S. citizenship, age 18 or above, and residence within District 25.  Those interested in serving on the County Board should send a resume and cover letter with your name, address and phone number to the Fond du Lac County Clerk, PO Box 1557, Fond du Lac, WI  54936 or email [email protected] as soon as possible.  

Review of applications will begin on October 29 and continue until the position is filled.  For further information concerning the County Board or the district, please contact Lisa Freiberg, Fond du Lac County Clerk at 929-3000.  A map of the district is also available at the Office of the County Clerk.