FDL County Board Delays Action On UW-FDL Student Housing Request

Fond du Lac County supervisors voted 17 to 7 last night to delay acting on a resolution to lease land to a developer to build on-campus housing on the UW-Fond du Lac. Supervisors wanted more information about a request for proposal the UW-Fond du Lac will be putting out to developers and about the project in general. Supervisors will take up the issue again at the board’s next meeting on October 22nd. Ken Danter of Danter Company who did a survey for the UW-Fond du Lac says students support on-campus housing. He says the project would involve 22 apartments and 76 beds. Supervisor Bob Giese was among those who supported delaying action on the request saying it was a lifetime deal and seemed a bit rushed. Supervisor John Zorn expressed concerns about giving a developer a lease for 10 acres of property at a $1 per acre. There were also concerns about how the project would affect the aesthetics of the campus. UW-Fond du Lac Dean John Short assured supervisors the project would be aesthetically pleasing blending in with the campus’s park-like setting. He said the University is hoping to have the housing open in time for the fall 2015 semester.