FDL County Board Election Results

the 25 Fond du Lac County Board Supervisors up for re-election this spring, voters
in Fond du Lac County saw only three contested races on the ballot.


100 percent of precincts reporting, voters in District 5 chose Sarah Everson
over Gary Miller 662-569, with Tom Dornbrook defeating Joseph Cook in District
9, 568-499. In District 16, Brooke Hills narrowly defeated Martin Schroeder 348-340.


Martin Ferrell, Gary Will, Karen Madigan, Michael Will, Michael Beer, Sam Kaufman,
Bob Simon, Ken Depperman, Steven Abel, Dennis Stenz, John Rickert, Robert
Giese, Joseph Fenrick, Jay Myrechuck, Tom Kitchen, John Zorn, Lisette Aldrich,
Dean Will, Brian Kolstad, Martin Ryan, Mary Hayes and Monica Walk all ran
unopposed in the election.