FDL County Board Passes 2017 Budget

The Fond du Lac County Board unanimously passed the 2017 County Budget and tax levy Thursday night. There were few questions and comments on the budget. County Executive Al Buechel say it was a tight budget ,but there were some bright spots. For instance jail revenue went up and the Sheriff held off on purchasing 11 new squad cars opting only to purchase two. Buechel said that allowed them to pay the bills in the Sheriff’s Department as well as others. The tax levy will be $42.7 million, an increase of just under $518,000, but the tax rate went down nearly a penny to $6.10. Some changes to the budget will allow the County to give employees a 1 percent increase in pay instead of a .75 percent increase. Buechel says that had to do with shifting $110,000 from the Highway Department  to a contingency fund for salaries and fringe benefits. County Board First Vice Chair Tom Dornbrook chaired the meeting on one of the rare nights that Board Chair Marty Farrell couldn’t attend.