FDL County Board Passes Resolution Opposing Sex Offender Placement

The Fond du Lac County Board Tuesday night unanimously passed a resolution opposing the placement of Milwaukee County sex offender Clint Rhymes in a town of Eldorado residence. But the advisory resolution went a step further opposing the placement of any non-county sex offenders like Rhymes in a Fond du Lac County home.  District Attorney Eric Toney told the board the Town of Eldorado last week tightened up their own ordinance regarding the placement of sex offenders in the town. It will only allow residents from the Town of Eldorado to be placed in their community. Toney says that ordinance and opposition from town residents had some influence on the state’s Department of Health Services, which is now withdrawing its request to place Rhymes in Eldorado. But Toney says a Milwaukee County judge has final say on that. Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink told the board the town residents did what they had to do with a meeting and letters to the judge, but they wanted to add the voices of county supervisors. A Milwaukee County judge will hold a hearing Wednesday to consider Rhymes placement.

In the photo Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney and Sheriff Mick Fink.