FDL County Board Revises, Then Passes Redistricting Resolution

At its
meeting Tuesday, the Fond du Lac County Board revised and then passed a
resolution showing support for a non-partisan redistricting process in
Wisconsin. The board voted 21-1 to pass the revised resolution, after substituting
new language for the original wording. The new wording affirms “the right of
all Wisconsin citizens to fair and equal representation” and requests “the
enactment of a nonpartisan process for the preparation of legislative and
congressional redistricting plan.” The original resolution was to “create an
nonpartisan procedure for the preparation of legislative and congressional
redistricting plans.”

Supervisor Sam Kaufman motioned to substitute the new language, saying “My
concern has always been, that the county board as a non-partisan body itself,
should always try and do its best to maintain that position in appearance to
the public. I felt that there was a little bit – maybe some of the wording –
that would come across the wrong way as making this body partisan.” Kaufman
says he along with Supervisors Tom Kitchen and Mary Hayes worked to craft the
new language – saying the resolution they came up with “shows that bipartisan
approach of working together as one body to make one statement itself.” The
board had previously tabled discussion of the resolution twice, once in May of
2018 and a second time in February of this year.