FDL County Board Sets Pay For Sheriff’s And Clerk Of Courts Positions

The Fond du Lac County Board of Supervisors approved a one percent increase in pay for the County Sheriff’s and Clerk of Court positions for each of the next four years. The salaries have to be set prior to election and both seats are up for election in the fall. Finance Committee Chairperson Tom Dornbrook told the board Tuesday night they try to be fair when setting pay for an elected position. He says, “It is always hard for us to look out what’s going to happen four years from now. The economy takes off like it is maybe in the second year everyone might be getting a three percent raise and these people will be locked in at a one percent.” County Board Chairperson Marty Farrell informed the board the committee had looked at what other counties of comparable size were paying for those positions. He says, “We looked at the same positions in a variety of other counties paying special attention to those that are closest in size to Fond du Lac County and the committee felt they would not fall out of step with comparable counties with these increases.” Dornbrook told the board the County was a little bit on the high end when it came to comparable pay, but not near the top.