FDL County Board to Revisit Redistricting Resolution

The Fond du Lac County Board will be revisiting a
resolution that would show support for a non-partisan redistricting process in
redrawing legislative and congressional districts in the state. So far, 40 of
the state’s 72 counties have passed resolutions in support of the change. County
Executive Allen Buechel says the resolution is designed to keep the people in
mind, while preventing from one party from taking advantage during the
redistricting process. “Tbat’s the point. Get it away from trying to set up
party advantage, it doesn’t matter which party, and give it to an independent
body,” Buechel said. “It works in other states – as close as Iowa – they have
an independent group that does the reapportionment, and it’s all about equal
representation for our people.” Several county supervisors brought in the
resolution to the board’s February 12th meeting, and the resolution
was tabled after discussion. Buechel says the the resolution could be back on
the agenda as soon as March.