FDL County Budget Approved

The Fond du Lac County Board Tuesday night unanimously approved the 2016 County Budget and tax levy. Finance Committee Chairperson Brenda Schneider says they worked hard on the budget after it was presented last month, but it needed very few revisions. She says overall the committee found the budget to be fiscally responsible while maintaining or improving services. County Supervisor Marty Ryan praised the budget for providing the services the community wants. He says a public budget is a statement of community values and the County Budget is one such document. County Executive Al Buechel always lets the board know whether or not he will be vetoing all or part of the budget. Buechel told supervisors there would be no need for a veto session of the board next Tuesday. The board approved a tax levy of $42.2 million with a final recommendation from the Finance Committee to trim about $78,000 the tax rate will be about a penny lower than 2015 at just under $6.11.