FDL County Budget Message Delivered

Fond du Lac County Executive Al Buechel presented the 2015 County Budget and tax levy to the County Board of Supervisors Tuesday night. He says no cuts in service or staff will be made. He did propose several new expenses. Buechel says second phase of upgrades at Harbor Haven Health & Rehabilitation will add more private rooms, which will cost the County $900,000. He says that will allow the County to eliminate levy support for the facility because they will pick up more Medicare dollars, but also will be able to eliminate some staff and costs. He says they will also invest nearly $400,000 in a new County-wide election system something he says is needed. He also says the County is making an offer on the purchase of land on the ledge, which he says will be used for preservation and education. There will also be a 2 percent increase in salary for all employees and two new positions will be created; a Juvenile Jail Superintendent and Medical Records Clerk. The tax rate for 2015 will be $6.11 per thousand dollars of value on a property a 6 cent or 1 percent increase. Final approval of the budget will be on Tuesday, November 18th.