FDL County Businesses Could Benefit From Foxconn

The CEO and President of Envision Greater Fond du Lac feels businesses in the County could benefit from Foxconn locating a plant in Wisconsin. Ceclia Harry would like to see strategic planning for those types of economic development opportunities. She says Foxconn will need parts suppliers and there is no reason some of that business shouldn’t go to businesses in the County. Statistics show a little more than a quarter of their supply chain will be located in Wisconsin. She questions why that can’t be 35 or 40 percent and why a big chunk of it couldn’t come to Fond du Lac County? She says that’s the sort of thinking we should explore and talk about. Consideration will have to be given to prepare for opportunities to capture supply chain opportunities and workforce development. Harry feels capturing some of the supply chain for Foxconn could benefit both new and existing businesses in Fond du Lac County. The State Senate passed the Foxconn incentives bill on Tuesday.