FDL County CodeRed Notification System Used to Keep Residents Safe

Fond du Lac County uses a mass notification system called
Code Red that provides important emergency notifications to the public. With recent
incidents in and around the city, including a Shelter in Place order in the
area of Marr and Sixth Street last week, local law enforcement are reminding
residents about “Code Red” and how it can help keep people safe. City of Fond
du Lac Crime Prevention Officer Erik Foster explains that the system can send
notifications to your phone, email, test or social media – but it’s not
intended to be a “real time” update. “What has to
happen in order to get a Code Red out, is information has to be input into a
computer by somebody and then that information is sent out,” Foster said. “That
isn’t normally a thing that happens right as its going on. These are for
situations where we’re not sure how it’s going to end up. It’s when there is
enough information and time to safely give it out to people, that’s when we’re
doing it.

To sign up for the Code Red system – go to this link – or download the App for your smartphone or tablet. The signup and the app download are free of charge.