FDL County DA Creates “Safer At Home” Task Force

FDL County District Attorney Eric Toney has announced the creation of a Task Force, with the goal of creating guidelines that can be used for allowing businesses to open. 

In a Press Release issued Monday morning, Toney said, “I recognize the tragedy Covid-19 has caused for many within our community and state, as well as the devastation the “Safer at Home” order has created for families businesses, religious groups, and the massive loss of jobs within our community. In listening to our local, state and national public health officials I understand this pandemic could last for months.”

Toney went on to say that, “to move forward we need a common sense and responsible plan that will allow our businesses and religious centers to reopen, while at the same time balancing our public health obligations, economic needs, and constitutional protections. In order to seek clarity and reduce further public health violations resulting in criminal charges, I have begun discussions with key community and elected officials within Fond du Lac County to create a plan allowing for businesses to reopen.” 

Toney has put together a Task Force consisting of the following local officials:

County Executive Allen Buechel, Fond du Lac City Manager Joe Moore, Public Health Officer Kim Mueller, Sadie Parafiniuk, incoming President/CEO of Envision Greater Fond du Lac, Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt, Chief William Lamb, Congressman Glenn Grothman’s Office, Senator Dan Feyen, Assemblyman Jeremy Thiesfeldt, County Board Supervisor Sam Kaufman and Councilman Daniel Degner.